Cosmic Crisp Year 2 Pt 3

Cosmic Crisp Year 2 Pt 3

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
With today Fruit Grower Report, I’m Bob Larson. Year 2 of the Cosmic Crisp apple is almost here! The much-anticipated variety hit store shelves for the first-time last year in limited supply, but this year should provide a much larger crop.

The Washington Apple Commission’s Toni Lynn Adams says the reaction to last year’s debut was terrific …

ADAMS … “Yeah, absolutely! We’re getting some great feedback, and as the trees mature there’s more consistency in the flavor profile. So as we’re getting later into production we expect a more consistent flavor profile and improved eating experiences.”

The Washington-grown apples, Adams says was a long time coming …

ADAMS … “The Cosmic Crisp is the product of 20-years of research and development as they looked into different flavor profiles and different characteristics that they knew would really resonate with consumers. You know, it’s a cross between Enterprise and Honey Crisp and it’s got that really firm, crisp texture which is probably its most differentiating characteristic and really stands out as it’s incredibly crisp.”

Cosmic Crisp availability, Adams says will be improving for the next few years …

ADAMS … “And so we’re going to see it on the same level and the same volume level as some of our mainstream varieties that are household names like Honey Crisp, it’s going to be in that same volume level that we expect of our mainstream varieties very quickly which is really unprecedented for a branded variety.”

Adams says harvest is just about to begin for early varieties and things are looking positive.

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