Cosmic Crisp Year 2 Pt 1

Cosmic Crisp Year 2 Pt 1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
With today Fruit Grower Report, I’m Bob Larson. Last year, 2019, it was the biggest variety launch for the apple industry in many years. That is when the Cosmic Crisp hit store shelves for the first time.

The Washington Apple Commission’s Toni Lynn Adams says last year’s launch of the much-anticipated Cosmic Crisp was terrific …

ADAMS … “You know, we had a great first year, a debut season for the new variety that’s grown here in Washington and we received a ton of great consumer feedback that makes us real excited for year two when we’re going to have increased volume and more availability of the apple to more consumers.”

That means, Adams says that there should be a lot more Cosmic Crisps to go around…

ADAMS … “Well, when we’re looking at the first season in 2019, there was about 350,000 boxes and looking at this new season we’re expecting just under 2-milliion, so it’s a significant increase and we’re going to see growth year over year into the future.”

Adams says the Cosmic Crisp won’t hit the stores immediately upon harvest …

ADAMS … “When Cosmic Crisp is harvested it is put into CA Storage and then it is released in the Winter. So, that is what happened in 2019. It was released in December and then that is also going to be the plan for the 2020 harvest.”

Adams says the Cosmic Crisp stores very well and availability should extend much further than last year.

Tune in tomorrow for more on Year 2 of the Cosmic Crisp!

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