An Almond Grower Moves Into the Online Market

An Almond Grower Moves Into the Online Market

Patrick Cavanaugh
Patrick Cavanaugh
Russell Harris heads up Harris Family Enterprises. They grow almonds and they have a major nursery operation. They're processors of almonds and a buyer and seller of almonds. They're in the child chiller area of Madeira County. He's traditionally a big bulk seller of almonds. But now he's thinking about more of a retail online selling strategy.

“Yes, we're getting ready to launch the first part of next year our online sales now because of COVID. We know more people are buying on-line,” Harris said.

Harris said that his company has got a great bag design

“We use The Almond Man brand. It's really cool looking. I think it's the best-looking bag out there yet. Pretty lucky to have some good designers,” noted Harris.

Harris noted that going online will increase sales and revenue.

“The price of almonds to the grower this year is around $1.60 per pound. And if you go to the store they're selling for $8 a pound. I'm like, well, let's do some math. If I sell a hundred thousand pounds for $5 more a pound I'll make 500,000, but that comes with a whole different dynamic because I'm not a retail guy. I have always been bulk. So I have another party that makes it safer for the customer,” explained Harris.

“Of course mandatory pasteurization helps. “We do pasteurization. We still sell to like Costco and other people that, that lays off a little more responsibility on them. Cause they re-handle it,” he said.

Going retail on-line is part of what his dad told him one day. “Write this down If you don’t have more money coming in than going out, then you're broke,” Harris noted.

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