Virtual Roundtable Voices of Ag

Virtual Roundtable Voices of Ag

Maura Bennett
Maura Bennett

The fall season is underway as Colorado farmers and ranchers take stock of a tumultuous year.

What you’ll hear next is from a roundtable sponsored by the Colorado Department of Agriculture. Titled “Resilience in Southern Colorado Agriculture: Adapting, Recovering, and Thriving.”

Erlich: ”The people that work in Colorado Agriculture are just the best people you could ever work with and work for and there’s something really noble about producing food for people. We all know it’s warmer and dryer and the climate is different and we need to figure out as a state how we’re going to manage our water resources so you have the benefits of local agriculture and the ecosystems it provides and also have water for urban needs.”

Fields: “I think going into the future we’re going to be a vital part of domestically produced agricultural products and we need the support from our communities and from neighboring states.”

Hirakata: Colorado is very special because there are not too many states that have the produce, the beef, even the alfalfa here is better than anywhere in the United States.”

You just heard Jim Erlich, Ex. Director of the Colorado Potatoe Administrative Committee, Max Fields of Feilds to Plate Produce, and Michael Hirakata of Hirakata Farms.

It was the third in a series of roundtables featuring ag producers from around the state.


Colorado Ag Commissioner Kate Greenberg took part in the discussion designed to give ag producers an opportunity to discuss how they’ve handled the disruptions caused by COVID, drought, and wildfires in 2020.

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