Washington Apple Adjustment Pt 3

Washington Apple Adjustment Pt 3

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
With today’s Fruit Grower Report, I’m Bob Larson. Apple growers are always wary of any weather that may impact their crop, and this year did not disappoint with high winds and wildfire smoke in early September pushing earlier estimates down 5-to-10 percent.

Toni Lynn Adams, with the Washington Apple Commission, says the wind knocked apples from the trees and thick smoke really limited harvest for a few days …

ADAMS … “So, there were harvest delays with how smokey the conditions were outside and, as you know, apples are, when they’re ready to be picked they’re ready to be picked, they don’t wait on us. So, the timing of harvest is so important and so having delays like that really do impact how the harvest progresses. So, a few days delay is never good but sounds like everyone’s headed back in and things are moving forward at a good pace.”

And, Adams says consumers will help once the apples are harvested …

ADAMS … “Demand for Washington apples has been really good. I think with just the health-conscious, you know, everyone’s trying to eat healthy, live really nutritious lifestyles given the current situation, so we have seen really high demand.”

Adams says the pandemic has created challenges as well …

ADAMS … “So, there’s just different consumer behaviors that have changed and suppliers are working really hard to answer to that demand and keep on season goals and they’re doing a really great job with that.”

Adams says the new estimates should be out soon once the growers send in their updates.

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