Washington Apple Adjustment Pt 1

Washington Apple Adjustment Pt 1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
With today’s Fruit Grower Report, I’m Bob Larson. The “perfect storm” of high winds and wildfires in early September means estimates for Washington’s apple crop will be adjusted downward 5-to-10 percent.

Toni Lynn Adams, Communications Outreach Specialist at the Washington Apple Commission, says both played a big role in changing those original estimates …

ADAMS … “So, in early August, the first estimate from the Washington State Tree Fruit Association predicted a crop volume of 134-million boxes, and that’s 40-pound boxes, which is pretty much right on par with the previous season of 133-million boxes.”

But then move forward about a month, Adams says and orchards got to experience a little of Mother Nature’s power …

ADAMS … “So, over Labor Day Weekend there was a wind storm where strong gusts of wind actually knocked fruit off of the trees and then that wind storm was also fueling the wildfires that were going on both in Washington and other West Coast states which created really intense smoky conditions delaying harvest.”

But, after the wind died down and the smoke cleared, Adams says …

ADAMS … “Just as we progressed further into harvest, got a better picture of the crop load on the trees. All these things suggest a lighter crop load for the 2021 harvest season.”

Adams says some regions were hit harder than others so the severity will vary for different growers.

Listen tomorrow for more this year’s apple crop and what the September losses mean moving forward.


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