Raspberry Challenges Pt 1

Raspberry Challenges Pt 1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I’m Bob Larson. With the final harvest numbers yet to be released, Washington red raspberry growers can be satisfied with another productive growing season with estimates calling for 68-to-70-million pounds.

But, Washington Red Raspberry Commission executive director, Henry Bierlink says this very difficult business is forcing growers out for a number of reasons …

BIERLINK … “There’s so many different, but I think again it all really comes down to pricing. If we can’t get a sustainable price that sustains our industry, you know, we’re looking to lose people and we have lost a lot of growers over the last 10-years.”

Those low prices, Bierlink says lead to other problems along the supply chain …

BIERLINK … “So, you know, there’s part of that is just the ongoing always consolidation of, you know, of farms just like other businesses, grocery stores, whatever. But, a big part of it is just a, I mean, it’s really hard to produce and lose money every year.”

And since virtually all of our berries go to processing, Bierlink says “Please” … “Buy Frozen” …

BIERLINK … “That’s what we’re trying to get people to do because even now, this time of the year, I mean there’s such a different market. Grocery stores, they want one single supplier that’s going to supply them berries year-round. And, you know, the Driscoll’s and others, they can do that.”

Listen tomorrow for more on Washington’s red raspberry industry and the other challenges that make it so difficult to survive.

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