NW Hort Expo Goes Virtual Pt 2

NW Hort Expo Goes Virtual Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
With today’s Fruit Grower Report, I’m Bob Larson. Our lives are filled with challenges and changes during the pandemic.

And now, the decision has been made to hold December’s 116th Annual Northwest Hort Expo “virtually”, so, 2020 event Chairman Gary Snyder says, you can still hear this year’s speakers and take part in the usual meetings …

SNYDER … “That’s exactly it and there are some webinars going on with certain groups that this will give a platform or you’ll be able to tie into that and should be able to find all sorts of the new information that our researchers and experts in the field out there have found out that they’re trying to get out to the industry to make us all a better industry.”

And, Snyder expects COVID-related topics will also be on the agenda …

SNYDER … “From everybody’s experience in this new post-COVID lifestyle that we’re dealing with now and nobody knows for sure when it’s going to end. And, there have been some challenges, but there’s been some great opportunities that have opened up for our industry also, so that’s what we’re hoping to present to the people so they can get a good base on how to move forward.”

As for the when, Snyder says …

SNYDER … “Right now, the show is set for the week of December 7th and the actual time and the actual dates on how long that’s going to be for that week are to be determined at this point in time.”

Go to www.nwhortexpo.com for updates and information on December’s ‘virtual’ Northwest Hort Expo.

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