Ag in the Classroom

Ag in the Classroom

Maura Bennett
Maura Bennett

The COVID pandemic has added new stresses to students, teachers, and families in Colorado.

The Colorado Foundation for Agriculture, whose aim is to connect students to their food, fiber, and natural resources, says it is providing extra support for teachers and students in the form of training and new virtual learning.

Executive Director Jennifer Sharpe says there is so much uncertainty about school this year.

Sharpe: “There’s a lot of stress right now and unknowns and there has been. We hope that our resources can take a little bit of that stress away and are able to use them in those virtual settings and make those connections to the common core curriculum. And teach students about their food and fiber.”

Sharpe says the Colorado Foundation for Agriculture is looking at providing virtual professional development opportunities in partnership with the National Ag in the Classroom organization.

She says as the school year gets underway, there is also the possibility of having live virtual training for Colorado teachers, where they can share what’s working and their challenges.

A PDF with a long list of virtual learning ideas is at

Colorado Foundation for Agriculture is also participating in virtual day camps as part of a revamped State Fair this summer. The camps are designed for grade-schoolers who will participate in online Fair Food Cooking Lessons and educational Ag and Natural Resource Activities.

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