Auction of Washington Wines Virtual Pt 3

Auction of Washington Wines Virtual Pt 3

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
With today’s Fruit Grower Report, I’m Bob Larson. This week is a big one if the Auction of Washington Wine is on your to-do list … and you don’t have to leave home to take part in this year’s virtual event.

The Auction’s Executive Director, Jaime Peha says just because the pandemic is changing the format, you can still take part and support the cause …

PEHA … “For such great causes, I mean, the Seattle Children’s has been a partner of ours since the inception of the auction so, really, 32 years. And, you know, they’ve helped children from all over the region and children’s families who don’t have the means to pay, they’re amazing with the kind of work that they do, world-class care.”

But, Peha says that’s not all …

PEHA … “And, then Washington State University Viticulture and Enology Research, which is super important to the sustainability of the Washington wine industry. So, it’s for a great cause and since we’ve been around a long time, we do have a lot of really loyal supporters.”

And, Peha says it’s all thanks to our high-tech world …

PEHA … “I will say that the one thing that the online and digital universe is bringing to us is that we’re actually reaching new people that maybe never did attend the auction of one of the auction events and has heard about or seen us through the activity that we’re doing online. And so, we’re reaching a lot more people and we’re also reaching people on a broader scale.”

Two more days for the online silent auction, followed by Saturday’s GALA Event … all online.

Just go to and sign up for the Auction of Washington Wines.

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