Colorado Carrots are Colorful

Colorado Carrots are Colorful

Maura Bennett
Maura Bennett

Thousands of acres of carrots are grown in Colorado each year and the familiar orange variety is more and more, giving ground to its colorful cousins.

The Colorado Department of Agriculture is highlighting carrots in July as part of the agency’s Colorado Proud program that helps market local growers and their produce.

Wendy White is a marketing specialist with the program.

White:”Who knew that colorful carrots come from colorful Colorado? A lot of people think of the orange root veggie that we’re all familiar with but carrots also come in a wide variety of other colors like purple, red, white, and yellow. It’s fun to look for those and try them out. “

White says there is a recipe posted at for carrots prepared in a way you may not have thought of before.

White: “It’s grilled bacon-wrapped carrots with a honey glaze. I do love my carrots but warp ‘em in bacon and I love them even better.

Colorado has about 2,000 acres of carrots harvested every year , primarily in the northeastern part of the state.

White:“ A really popular item that we’ll start to see at grocery stores and farmers markets and restaurants and we’ll also have some producers listed on our website.”

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