Vital Wine "A Day at Home" Pt 1

Vital Wine "A Day at Home" Pt 1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
With today’s Fruit Grower Report, I’m Bob Larson. Walla Walla’s Vital Wines is known for the work they do to help vineyard and cellar workers with their healthcare needs.

So, when the coronavirus hit, founder and winemaker Ashley

Trout launched “A Day at Home” fundraiser that she hopes can buy workers the time they need in these uncertain times …

TROUT … “At first, we thought, well maybe it means going out and doing some translating as far as what the CDC is saying for these vineyard workers. Well, that was not going to help anybody because these guys all listen to their local radio stations. So, we sort of sat back and stayed quiet for a second until it became clear that there was an actual need for Vital to step in somewhere and be helpful.”

Then, it became clear that with schools and many businesses closed due to coronavirus, many workers, through no fault of their own, might in fact need “A Day at Home” …

TROUT … “None of these people have tested positive and so they’re not able to qualify for any kind of paid-stay at home situation, either by the federal or the state government.”

Coronavirus, Trout says also leaves many workers, reliant on their paycheck, feeling helpless …

TROUT … “In many cases, if you’re not showing symptoms or you can’t prove that you have had direct contact with a coronavirus patient, then you can’t get tested because there aren’t enough tests.”

For more info OR to make a donation, just go to

Tune in tomorrow for more on the “A Day at Home” fundraiser.

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