Colorado Hay Report

Colorado Hay Report

Maura Bennett
Maura Bennett
Heath Dewey has the Colorado Hay Report from the Greeley USDA Livestock Poultry and Grains Market News Office.

Compared to last week, trade activity and demand light.

Northeast Colorado Areas


Small Squares: Supreme 280.00 (7.75 per bale), Retail/Stable.


Mid Squares: Premium 295, Retail/Stable.

Timothy/Brome Grass Mix

Small Squares: Premium 265.00 (8.00 per bale), Retail/Stable.


Small Squares: Premium 335.00 (10.00 per bale), Retail/Stable.

Southeast Colorado Areas


Mid Squares: Supreme 220.00, Retail/Stable.

Small Squares: Premium 245.00 (8.00 per bale), Retail/Stable.


Small Squares: Premium 315.00 (9.00 per bale), Retail/Stable.

San Luis Valley Areas

No reported quotes for all other classes of hay.

Southwest Colorado Areas

No reported quotes from all other classes of hay.

Mountains and Northwest Colorado Areas


Small Squares: Premium 270.00 (7.00 per bale), Retail/Stable.

According to the U.S Drought Monitor’s High Plains Summary drought is intensifying across the southern tier of this region from southern Colorado through western Kansas. Severe D2 drought exists throughout this area, and extreme D3 drought is recorded in much of southern Colorado and adjacent southwestern Kansas. Most of this region has recorded less than an inch of precipitation during the past 3 months, and only a few tenths of an inch have fallen mid-March. Abnormally warm weather is exacerbating the acute dryness. The past 3 months have averaged 2 to 4 degrees F above normal, and since late April, averages have been 7 to 9 degrees F above normal.

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