Weather for Spring and Summer Pt 2

Weather for Spring and Summer Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I’m Bob Larson. As harvest season draws near, the weather outlook for our summer of coronavirus insecurities looks warmer and maybe a bit drier than normal.

State Climatologist Nick Bond says summer will be a reality this year, but the snow pack from the winter months should help keep us irrigated …

BOND … “I think water supplies, especially on the medium and larger rivers that’s not going to be a problem because we had quite a bit of snow, certainly January and February bailed us out in that respect.”

But, Bond says a bit of drought isn’t out of the question …

BOND … “It’s kind of a tale of ‘one size doesn’t fit all’ I would say in that water supplies are probably going to be adequate for the Yakima Basin and on the big streams. The Columbia’s not going to have any problem, but other parts of the state that maybe aren’t relying on irrigation water could have some struggles.”

Bond says a lot will depend on just how dry it is this summer …

BOND … “I think for the key agricultural areas in the state, there’s going to be plenty of water, but that doesn’t mean that there’s not necessarily going to be some things that happen if we do in fact have a dry and hot summer, the chance for wild land fires, of course, goes up.”

Listen tomorrow for more on our summer weather forecast … and what, if any, problems it creates.

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