Ag Provides Covid-19 Resources

Ag Provides Covid-19 Resources

Maura Bennett
Maura Bennett

The Colorado Department of Agriculture says it is actively working to connect consumers with nutritious local foods and agricultural products while the state remains under a stay at home order.

Some consumers are turning to fresh food delivery or online ordering for the first time.

Wendy White at the Department of Ag says now there is a site to find out what and where foods are available.

White: Whether it’s at the grocery store, a farmers markets which will be opening in Colorado in the next month or so and we have a list of those markets at our website We

Are designing a new website which you will be able to link to at that will list producers that have fruits, vegetables, meats, made in Colorado food and beverage products and how consumers can connect with them to buy them. They’ll post whether they’re available at the grocery store or farmers markets online or delivery. We’re really trying to make it easy for consumers to find local products and buy them.

The Covid-19 Resources page also lists wholesale distributors offering products to the public, information about relief funds, and producer and government resources.

Food and agriculture supply chains are listed as critical business in the Governor's

State at Home order. The Stay at Home Order is set to last until April 11th but may be extended. The Governor has extended school closure through the end of April at least.

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