Staying Safe on Farms and in Rural Areas

Staying Safe on Farms and in Rural Areas

Maura Bennett
Maura Bennett

As Colorado continues a statewide Stay and Home Order due to the Covid-19 pandemic, agricultural workers are part of the critical infrastructure and are still on the job.

Mike Keenan, agricultural risk management expert with the Gallagher company, gave the USDA news service suggestions for keeping the farm as safe and sanitary as possible.

Keenan:” Disinfecting the tools and equipment. Frequent handwashing. In many of our facilities the handwashing facilities are a fair distance from each other. Maybe we put hand sanitizer in all the vehicles so people have them with them all the time. And then really increasing and maintaining the sanitation of our work facilities, our break facilities, showers, locker rooms and that kind of thing.”

Farmers and other rural residents have unique challenges in dealing with the COVID-19 situation. During a recent Covid-19 webinar, health experts explained that many people on farms and rural areas think they are already isolated and the virus won't come to them and some have a feeling of invincibility.

Rural populations are older which puts them at higher risk for complications from the illness.

Some rural areas have limited access to healthcare.

There isn’t a redundancy in the workforce so if someone does get sick the consequences may be greater.

All reasons to use as much caution as possible while on the job.

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