National Bison Association Meets in Denver

National Bison Association Meets in Denver

Maura Bennett
Maura Bennett

The 2020 National Bison Association winter conference takes place this month with a focus on increasing market share.

The NBA sent a contingent to Mexico in 2019 on USDA-sponsored trade mission. The association is hoping to open up new international markets to consumers who might be open to an alternative to beef. This year the NBA is continuing that effort with both domestic and international consumers.

Conley:“Reaching out to potential consumers and buyers of bison meat to let them know that we’re here and available and that we want to do business with you.”

That’s Karen Conley with National Bison Association in Denver. She says this year’s conference includes a keynote speech by Laurie Demeritt, CEO of the research firm the Hartmann Group.

Conley:“She’s very in tuned with consumer marketing trends… And that’s a really important thing for us right now because one of the things that we’re really working heavily on is consumer outreach and touting the benefits of bison meat.”

The conference will be introduced to the National Bison Conservation Management Plan. Bison management mentors will be available for questions. The attendees will also hear the latest research on bison diet studies.

And Conley says this year Chef Robert Bleifer, Executive Chef at the Food Network will be on hand to judge the Best Bison Soup Contest. Bleifer was asked what profession he might go into if he were not a chef. His answer: a bison rancher.

The 4 day conference opens on January 22nd.

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