Online Hemp Portal 2

Online Hemp Portal 2

Maura Bennett
Maura Bennett
The Colorado Department of Ag says its Hemp Online Portal is going to make applying for and paying for a hemp growing certificate much easier and quicker to complete.

Industrial Hemp Program Manager Brian Koontz says some traditional growers might want to stay with the paper process but in time they’ll see how effective the online portal can be.

KOONTZ: “We will have a requirement going forward by the USDA to repot information monthly.

To give them certain information about who our registrants are in Colorado. By having a database where they’re entering the data for us and having it available instantaneously it will be a lot easier.”

Koontz says portal is pretty user friendly.

KOONTZ: The initial step is to log on and register your land area and pay for it and provide the information to actually receive the hemp registration. Phase to is to be able to submit planting reports.

State law requires growers to report the planting of hemp within ten days and to report again 30 days prior to harvest. Those tasks can now also be done online.

Koontz says phase two should be up and running by spring.

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