Grizzly Meeting Reaction Pt 1

Grizzly Meeting Reaction Pt 1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I’m Bob Larson. Hundreds packed the Okanogan County Fairgrounds Agriplex earlier this month to make sure the Department of Interior heard their take on the proposal to bring Grizzly Bears to the North Cascades.

U.S. Representative Dan Newhouse was there and says they couldn’t ask for a better turnout …

NEWHOUSE … “Yeah, we had a great meeting, I thought, at the fairgrounds in Okanogan County. It was October 7th. You know, we didn’t count people as they came in the door. Various estimates of the crowd size, somewhere between six and seven hundred people, according to the sheriff’s department.”

Newhouse says the meeting truly served its purpose …

NEWHOUSE … “I couldn’t have been more delighted at the number of people that came out from the community to share their opinion on the introduction of Grizzly Bears

into the North Cascades.”

And if you weren’t able to attend the meeting, Newhouse says it’s not too late to be heard …

NEWHOUSE … “But, as you said, the comment period is open until the 24th of October. At that point, the agency will assess the comments that are provided and make their decision, but I’m just very pleased at the strong showing by people in the Okanogan County area to respond to this opportunity.”

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Listen tomorrow for more on the plan to introduce Grizzly Bears to the North Cascades and the deadline for comments.

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