Onion Crop Nothing to Cry About

Onion Crop Nothing to Cry About

Maura Bennett
Maura Bennett
It's been a good summer for onions growers and shippers

John Harris with Paradigm Fresh in Fort Morgan told Onion business.com, "All sizes and colors continue to remain at record prices, and supplies are still fairly tight.

Good weather has been a boost for onions on Colorado's Western Slope. Growers says the crop could be slightly later this year due to a cooler, wetter growing season earlier. .

Bob Sakata with Sakata Farms in Brighton said the 2019 onion crop looks fantastic – the stands are good, and there is good growth. Sakata says they need some more summer weather, but they've been spared the hail." Harvest will begin around Labor Day, with first loads going out mid-September.

Renée Hardwick Public and Industry Relations Director National Onion Association onion industry is leading the way in sustainability

"Not every onion out there grown in the field is the proper shape or size that most retailers wants so that excess onion at least in Colorado and a few other states goes to sheep farms. Now Sheep love onions."

Hardwick adds Gills Onions in California uses leftover onion waste to power its onion processing factory.

Colorado is in the top ten nationally for onion production. State growers harvest more than 3,500 acres of onions each year, producing 166 million pounds.

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