Bayer's Luna Tranquility Fugicide Pt 1

Bayer's Luna Tranquility Fugicide Pt 1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I'm Bob Larson. Like all farmers, Northwest potato growers deal with a range of issues and problems from planting to harvest. Whether it's early blight, white mold or other matters weather related, the good folks at Bayer Crop Science are out to help.

Bayer Technical Services Rep Kevin Thorsness says one of the

fungicides growers can turn to is Luna Tranquility ...

THORSNESS ... "Luna Tranquility is a great product from the standpoint that it brings certain features to the grower that he can utilize. There's two modes of action in the product which helps from a resistance management standpoint. It's broad spectrum. It gives you control of early blight, brown spot, botrytis, and black dot, just to name a few. And, then it's systemic so it moves within the plant very well and helps give you a good protection from early blight in particular."

But, what about white mold? ...

THORSNESS ... "Well, Luna Tranquility provides very good white mold control as well and it's an important product, especially when you get out into Idaho where they have a lot of white mold and it becomes very important in that area and the Columbia Basin."

Thorsness says Luna Tranquility can also help growers in other parts of the country...

THORSNESS ... "You go back east a little further, you get into the plains area where early blight is a major problem. It's a key component to, it should be a key component to every grower's program for controlling early blight."

Listen tomorrow for more on Bayer's Luna Tranquility and when it's most effective.

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