Bayer's Luna Tranquility Fugicide Pt 2

Bayer's Luna Tranquility Fugicide Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I'm Bob Larson. Early blight, brown spot, botrytis, black dot, or white mold, just a few of the problem's potato growers watch for as their crop makes its way through the growing season.

Bayer Technical Services Rep Kevin Thorsness says when it comes to fungicides, growers are seeing a great deal of success with Luna Tranquility ...

THORSNESS ... "It's so broad-spectrum, is one of the nice things about it and then it's systemic moves throughout the plant and it fits well into a program approach of mixing it with another product, an EBDC or Chlorothalonil, for example, to help provide a little late blight protection because we aren't going to give you the late blight protection and also mixing it with an EBDC or Chlorothalonil, that gets a third mode of action in the tank now and so that helps from a resistance management standpoint."

But, when is it most effective ...

THORSNESS ... "With Luna Tranquility, we're targeting more, probably mid-season. The two active ingredients, one is Fluopyram. The same active ingredient that's in Velum Prime. And then, the second active ingredient in there is Peremephanil (sp?) or Scala."

Thorsness says when it comes to your livelihood, what could be more important ...

THORSNESS ... "You know, the crop is a big deal so you've got to protect it. So, you put it in the ground, take care of it and you're going to reap the rewards. Luna Tranquility is a good product you include in that program and it will help you get to that endpoint."

Luna Tranquility is also effective on other crops like apples, grapes, pears, tomatoes, and many others.

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