Apple Grower of the Year Pt 2

Apple Grower of the Year Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
With today's Fruit Grower Report, I'm Bob Larson. The deadline to submit nominations for this year's Apple Grower of the Year is just two days away, Sunday, May 19th.

Valent Crop Marketing Manager Mark Mason says the U.S. Apple Association has been naming a grower of the year for 30 years ...

MASON ... "The Apple Grower of the Year award was launched in 1989 and Valent has been a proud sponsor of the award since 2014."

This is a national award for which growers from all over the country are considered annually ...

MASON ... "All the major areas are considered. The last person, interestingly enough, from Washington was in 2016. Scott McDougall, there in Wenatchee of McDougall and Sons, was the winner. The year after, in 2017, was Rod Farrow of New York. And then last year was Phil and Judy Schwallier Michigan. So, we've covered all of the major growing areas the last three years."

Mason says selection for Apple Grower of the Year is based on a wide variety of criteria ...

MASON ... "And it's based, really on, who goes above and beyond the confines of the orchard to make a true impact on the industry. It's really looking at their involvement and their leadership within the industry."

And, the deadline again ...

MASON ... "The deadline is Sunday, May 19th and the award will be presented, as usual, at the U.S. Apple Association's Annual Apple Crop Outlook Conference in Chicago on August 22nd."

Just go to to nominate your favorite apple grower for Apple Grower of the Year ... by this Sunday's deadline.

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