Asparagus Festival and Brews Pt 2

Asparagus Festival and Brews Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I'm Bob Larson. Sound like fun! Beer, wine, live music, games, and asparagus samples prepared in a wide variety of ways is coming up this Saturday at the Asparagus Festival and Brews at Middleton Six Sons Farms in Pasco.

Scott Middleton says the festival that started small back in 2016 has that farm to table feel ...

MIDDLETON ... "And it's really grown. The first year we did it we had a few hundred and now we're expecting a couple thousand people that will come out to our Asparagus Fest. So, yeah, it's become a popular event. People like their asparagus."

And, Middleton says Ice Harbor Brewing company will be there ...

MIDDLETON ... "Their signature amber, that will be out here, that pairs well with a deep-fried asparagus, so, uh. And then, we also have a winery out here that's a local winery. So, it's a good event. You know, people like to enjoy food and a beer while being out on the farm. It's pretty cool."

And, the Asparagus Festival and Brews is affordable ...

MIDDLETON ... "Ten dollars a person and I think the first 600 get a free pound of asparagus, as well as, we have a bunch of samples. We'll have asparagus ice-cream. We have grilled asparagus, deep-fried asparagus, pickled asparagus, and all those samples are included in your admission to be able to try that. So, if you love asparagus, you will get your money's worth for sure at our Asparagus Fest & Brews."

Get your tickets online at before they sell out.

The Asparagus Festival and Brews is this Saturday, May 11th from 5:00 till 10:00pm at Middleton Six Sons Farms just east of Pasco.

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