BASF Biologicals Pt 2

BASF Biologicals Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I'm Bob Larson. Yesterday, we talked about how Ag Chemical companies like BASF are taking the leap into biologicals with products like Serifel in response to consumer demand and in an effort to reduce the damage caused by diseases and pests more naturally.

BASF product manager Mila Pearce told me biologicals can be a compliment to conventionals ...

PEARCE ... "We don't see biologicals as being a competitor. They are very much part of a portfolio that can be used by the grower to actually enhance their performance. We actually have research that suggest that Serifel is not only a good rotation partner to prevent resistance with conventional chemistries, but it will actually kill resistant populations so that the conventional chemistries can work better as if they were released the very first day."

Pearce says the move is more than just branching out ...

PEARCE ... "So, it's more than just rotation. It's more than just programming. We feel like we're seeing something that biologicals can provide to the conventional portfolio, to a grower's conventional program that will make it work better and we're very happy about that. So, we actually see it as a one-two-punch. We will always be in the conventional, synthetic chemistry business, but we also understand that what biologicals can bring to the portfolio and we see where the industry is headed and we don't see why

that they can't match together."

Pearce says proper stewardship is vital for biological effectiveness and she urges all growers to connect with their local BASF representative to learn more about Serifel biofungicide and other products.

Growers can learn more about BASF's biological crop protection portfolio at

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