Survey by Senator Sheldon

Survey by Senator Sheldon

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I'm Bob Larson. The differences between largely urban western and vastly rural eastern Washington are obvious, BUT you might be interested to learn, according to an annual survey by a "Western Washington" Democrat, voters do NOT want higher taxes, or tolls on our roads, or the green agenda.

And, according to some 2,000 respondents in Senator Tim Sheldon's 35th District, it wasn't even close ...

SHELDON ... "Usually, we get about 500 so that tells me that the people are really concerned about state government, concerned about what we do down here."

92 percent are against raising taxes, 85 percent oppose Seattle's prosed tolls on downtown streets, and 80 percent say they don't want low carbon fuel standards similar to those proposed in the carbon-tax initiative rejected by Washington voters last fall ...

SHELDON ... "They're not going to meet us with cheering crowds when we return to our districts because they're very concerned about new taxes and the green agenda, so it's going to be difficult to return and explain if you were on the pro-side for those issues."

Sheldon says Democrats proposing exactly what those surveyed vehemently oppose, seem to be a bit out of touch ...

SHELDON ... "It really does show this disconnect between those that are in the majority here and the ones that are contacting us certainly."

Sheldon says state spending is a central issue this year as majority Democrats in the House and Senate advocate higher taxes, despite a $5-billion increase in tax collections.

Findings include:

* 92 percent say they oppose proposals to raise taxes, nearly half of them saying the Legislature ought to return money to the taxpayers in the form of tax cuts.

* 90 percent oppose higher taxes on small business.

* 85 percent oppose Seattle's plan to impose tolls on downtown streets, which would have great impact on outlying districts like the 35th, where there are no practical transit options.

* 80 percent oppose low carbon fuel standards, a plan that would require motorists to subsidize carbon-reduction programs, very similar to the carbon-tax initiative rejected by Washington voters last fall.

* 73 percent oppose replacing the state's gas tax with a per-mile tax.

* 84 percent oppose legislative efforts to prohibit independent contracting or impose high taxes on contractors, such as barbers, hairdressers and independent contractors.

* 41 percent say jobs and the economy are the biggest issue before the Legislature.

* 63 percent say saving the orca by rebuilding Puget Sound fish runs should be a priority.

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