Carbon Tax Bill Moves to Senate

Carbon Tax Bill Moves to Senate

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I'm Bob Larson. The carbon tax bill has now moved from the House to the Senate. House Bill 1110 would mandate the state to require a fuel additive to your gas to reduce carbon emissions ... and increase the cost of gas.

Representative Jacqueline Maycumber says this bill would cost jobs and increase taxes in every facet of life in our

state ...

MAYCUMBER ... "If your food is not grown exactly where you are, you're going to be taxed by the transportation of it, you're going to be taxed by going to work, you're going to be taxed by your employer who's doing the job. To explain it even further, last night at 10pm I received a notification on an article that explained that this carbon tax actually disincentivizes the companies to be in Washington state. It is harder to business here than it is with a carbon tax anywhere else."

Maycumber says rural Washingtonians would be disproportionally taxed ...

MAYCUMBER ... "It is hard enough to drive to work and pay for everything that we have, but we will lose money. You will be taxed in your employment. You'll be taxed for energy to heat your homes. You'll be taxed for your food and it does nothing for the environment."

And all of this, she says is for NOTHING! ...

MAYCUMBER ... "Carbon emissions from Washington state from every vehicle, train, human, cow is three-tenths of one percent. So, if everyone left the state, there is not a human in the state, we would still only save three-tenths of one percent of carbon emissions."

The bill is now under consideration in the Senate.

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