Federal Grazing Fee Released for 2019

Federal Grazing Fee Released for 2019

Russell Nemetz
Russell Nemetz
Bob Skinner, President of the Public Lands Council, has released the following statement regarding the announcement of the federal grazing fee for the 2019 season:

"Each year, the federal lands grazing fee is calculated as part of a standard formula outlined in the grazing regulations. Ranchers across the West trust the formula and the process, which ensures fair and equitable access to forage on federal lands. With the fees in place for the 2019 grazing season, ranchers can focus on what they do every day: contributing to rural economies and serving as stewards of America's natural resources."


The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and U.S. Forest Service (USFS) announced that the grazing fee for the 2019 grazing season will be $1.35 per animal-unit month (BLM) and per head month (USFS).

An AUM or HM – treated as equivalent measures for fee purposes – is the use of public lands by one cow and her calf, one horse, or five sheep or goats for a month.

The modern grazing fee formula was established by Congress through the Public Rangelands Improvement Act of 1978.

The fee formula uses current market conditions, such as cattle prices and rents, to establish the annual fee.

In 1984, President Reagan signed an executive order establishing the minimum fee at $1.35/animal-unit month.

The 2018 grazing fee was $1.41/animal-unit month.

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