Vive's Nanotechnology Pt 1

Vive's Nanotechnology Pt 1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I'm Bob Larson. Over the years, many great things have drifted across the border from Canada, but Vive Crop Protection is a new company out of Ontario that makes proven products cutting edge with the use of nanotechnology.

Vive's Tony Zatylny says the company creates fertilizer-compatible versions of fungicides and insecticides that you already know and trust ...

ZATYLNY ... "Vive's the first company in the U.S. to have nanotechnology approved for crop protection uses by the EPA. So, this is leading edge right at the front end of this new technology platform."

He says nanotechnology is the science of very small things ...

ZATYLNY ... "What that allows us to do is, you think about a plant, and if you're trying to create something inside a plant, some functionality, you're talking about cellular level size. So, it makes sense to have a very small thing interact with a specific, small site in the plant, whether it's in the root or on the leaf. So, generally we are able to take chemistry to a specific site in a plant and have it become effectively used."

Zatylny says they're doing things differently ...

ZATYLNY ... "If you look at the industry in general today, if you were going to find a brand-new chemical, it's going to take $300-million and 12-years to get it to market. We can take an existing molecule that's well known by the farmer and repurpose it so it begins to do different things."

Listen tomorrow for more on Vive and the work they're doing to improve fungicide and insecticide management.

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