Grapes to Glass Wine Convention Pt 2

Grapes to Glass Wine Convention Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
With today's Fruit Grower Report, I'm Bob Larson. So, early bird registration has passed, but registration for the Washington Wine Growers Association Convention and Trade Show in Kennewick is ongoing.

The Association's Katlyn Straub says this year's theme, "Intentional from Grape to Glass" is all about intentionality ...

STRAUB ... "And to challenge the industry to really thing of the larger picture. Why am I making wine? Why am I growing grapes? Because people got into it because there's a passion and it's just really honing in on that why so that there's further growth and strength for the entire industry."

She says it's truly an industry event ...

STRAUB ... "We're really excited. I mean, the convention is planned and navigated by the industry itself so it's by the industry and for the industry and our speakers and sessions this year are just, it's an incredible lineup. It's hard to pick sessions to highlight because they're all incredible."

And, who will be there?

STRAUB ... "I think sometimes people feel like it's only for wine growers or winemakers, but we have a large audience we're targeting. So, yes, wine grape growers, winemakers, big and small winery owners. We have sessions targeting both types of business models. Business managers or those that are making the management decisions, vineyard managers, workers, crop consultants, retail managers. We have sessions on direct distribution, and more."

The Convention will be held at the Three Rivers Convention Center, February 11-thru-14.

Go to to register or for more information.

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