WA Apple Education Foundation Pt 1

WA Apple Education Foundation Pt 1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
With today's Fruit Grower Report, I'm Bob Larson. Washington's tree fruit industry takes care of its own.

That tenet gets no better representation than by the scholarships awarded by the Washington Apple Education Foundation.

WAEF Executive Director, Jennifer Witherbee their charitable work is an ongoing celebration of what the industry does ...

WITHERBEE ... "So, we are the charity of the tree fruit industry. They formed us almost 25 years ago, next year is our anniversary, to coordinate and develop and promote charitable activities that reflect the industry's priorities."

And, Witherbee says it's important to keep that tradition moving forward ...

WITHERBEE ... "This year we awarded $1.1-million in scholarships. We have 315 students on college campuses that are there with the industry support."

And who's eligible for these scholarships? ...

WITHERBEE ... "Our scholarship recipients are kids who have been raised in the industry. 80% of this year's scholarship recipients are first-generation college kids. They're first in their families to have that opportunity. Many of the moms and dads are involved in labor positions in the industry."

But, Witherbee says the scholarships aren't JUST for ag majors ...

WITHERBEE ... "Our students are pursuing just about every career field under the sun. The majority want to return to their home communities so we'll be seeing them in our communities working in the industry and other parts of the community for years to come."

Witherbee says WAEF activities are made possible through the generous donations from members of the industry, including suppliers, growers, warehouses, retailers, professional service providers and others.

Listen tomorrow for more on Washington Apple Education Foundation scholarships.

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