World Pear Day Pt 2

World Pear Day Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
With today's Fruit Grower Report, I'm Bob Larson. Saturday kicks off National Pear Month by a round-the-world celebration of World Pear Day.

Pear Bureau Northwest's Kathy Stephenson says a social media trip around the globe is a great way to spread the word ...

STEPHENSON ... "Kind of a celebration to take pears around the world and touch a little bit of everyone that we work with everywhere."

Stephenson says Saturday's high-tech globe-trotting is a bit of social outreach ...

STEPHENSON ... "Really we play that out on social media, so we're connecting a few photographs and a few videos in all of our regions that we're working and we try to bring at least 24 posts, in 24 countries, across 24 hours."

And, she says it's a practical way to travel ...

STEPHENSON ... "So, very virtual, if you will, but it will play out on our social media platforms including Twitter and a little bit on Instagram, we also will have a web page dedicated to that and you'll see that when you go to and people can join the fun there as well. But, mostly we're going to play it out on our Twitter account and the handle there is @USAPears."

Stephenson says this year's celebration hits the calendar perfectly ...

STEPHENSON ... "It's usually been Saturday, but this year is the first year that it's been on December 1st so that's very exciting. This is our third year of doing World Pear Day and truly this year it kicks off National Pear Month which is the month of December."

Go to to find out more about World Pear Day and National Pear Month in 2018.

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