Washington Wine Industry Foundation Donates Pt 2

Washington Wine Industry Foundation Donates Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
With today's Fruit Grower Report, I'm Bob Larson. A check from the Washington Wine Industry Foundation for $15,000 to the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project will provide legal services for thousands of immigrants to help them navigate the immigration system.

The Foundation's Katlyn Straub says the goal is to help with the labor shortage ...

STRAUB ... "So, we continue just to support research and trade association and just getting the awareness out there that access and shortage are huge issues for Washington state's labor-intensive grape and wine industry."

And, Straub says that's where NWIRP comes in ...

STRAUB ... "To our understanding, there really is no one defending and advocating for their rights, but they're doing that legal support, you know, the process and the documentation and helping, basically translate in both maybe language and understanding what they need to do to just obtain basic services so that they feel secure to work and live here."

She says the Foundation is committed to bringing partners together to address critical issues like labor availability ...

STRAUB ... "When our stakeholders help us identify industry needs, we do what we can and that might be in the form of accessing grant money to create new programs or guides or resources that industry stakeholders can use for our growers and our wineries. And, we continue to come up with new, creative ideas of how to address industry issues."

The Foundation applauds the generosity of donors that allowed them to contribute to the excellent work of the NWIRP.

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