Colorado Hay Report

Colorado Hay Report

Maura Bennett
Maura Bennett

Compared to last week, trade activity and demand moderate.

Heath Dewey is with the USDA Livestock, Poultry and Grain Market news office.

Northeast Colorado Areas

Alfalfa Mid Squares: Premium 245.00, Retail/Stable.

Small Squares: Supreme 290.00-310.00 (8.75-10.00 per bale), Retail/Stable. Rounds: Supreme 210.00, Retail/Stable.

Alfalfa/Grass Rounds: Premium 210.00, Retail/Stable.

Grass Small Squares: Premium 310.00-350.00 (8.50-10.00 per bale), Retail/Stable. Orchard/Brome Grass Mix

Small Squares: Premium 370.00 (12.00 per bale), Retail/Stable. Oat Hay Large Squares: Good 140.00.

Southeast Colorado Areas

Alfalfa Large Squares: Supreme 250.00-260.00.

Mid Squares: Premium 250.00.

Small Squares: Premium 245.00-275.00 (8.00-9.00 per bale).

Grass Small Squares: Premium 350.00 (10.50 per bale), Retail/Stable.

San Luis Valley Area Alfalfa Large Squares: Supreme 240.00.

Southwest Colorado Areas Alfalfa/Grass Mix

Small Squares: Premium 275.00-300.00 (9.00 per bale), Retail/Stable. Alfalfa/Orchard Mix

Small Squares: Premium 335.00 (16.00 per bale), Retail/Stable. Alfalfa/Grass/Clover Mix Small Squares: Premium 215.00-235.00 (7.00 per bale), Old Crop.

Mountains and Northwest Colorado Areas Grass

Small Squares: Premium 290.00 (8.00 per bale), Retail/Stable.

Moderate Drought or D1 level was reduced in El Paso and Douglas Counties, which received 1 to 4 inches of rain over the past few weeks, improving conditions there.

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