Colorado Proud August

Colorado Proud August

Maura Bennett
Maura Bennett

Each month the Colorado Department of Agriculture highlights a different commodity to show the diversity and quality of products grown in the state.

August takes it up a notch as this is Colorado Proud Month.

In August 1876 President Ulysses S. Grant signed a proclamation admitting the state of Colorado to the Union as the 38th state and earning it the moniker "Centennial State".

Wendy White with the Colorado Department of Agriculture suggests celebrating the state with ripe Colorado Peaches.

"We're famous for our Palisade Peaches and our Colorado Peach Salsa recipe really features and showcases those sweet juicy orbs that we're finding on the trees this time of year."

Colorado Peach Salsa calls for peaches that have firm fuzzy skins that yield to gentle pressure and those are easy to find right now.

You can see the recipe at and at ColoradoAGToday.


Colorado Peach Salsa

2 28oz Cans Fire Roasted Tomatoes

1 Jalapeno Pepper, roasted

4 Fresh Garlic Cloves

2 Tbsp. Dried Cilantro

3 Tbsp. Lime Juice

1 Tbsp. Applewood Smoked Salt

1 Tsp. Ground Cumin

1 Tsp. Black Pepper

1 Tbsp. Cayenne Pepper Sauce

1 Tbsp. Sugar

4 oz. Water

2 Tbsp. Cajun Seasoning

8 Peaches, split, pitted, grilled, cooled and rough chopped

Using a blender or food processor, add all ingredients (except peaches) to the

pitcher or container. Blend until well chopped, or to desired texture. Pour into a

mixing bowl, adjust seasoning as desired, add the chopped peaches and mix to

combine. Cover and refrigerate for two hours. Serve with chips, or top on

enchiladas or grilled chicken.

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