Why Do We Call It the Farm Bill? Pt 2

Why Do We Call It the Farm Bill? Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I'm Bob Larson. I'm Bob Larson. We ask the question yesterday, Why Do They Call It the Farm Bill, when it appears that issues from outside agriculture are keeping it from passing?

The Washington Policy Center's Madi Clark says it can also be broken down to what would be best for different Ag regions in the country like here in Washington ...

CLARK ... "I would say Washington state is in a little bit different position because we are different than the Midwest. So, we have an opportunity to talk about what type of Farm Bill would be better us and I think that's one that puts more dollars to research because 23% may go to farm, but less than 1% goes to research dollars. So, that would help our farmers in the dryland areas or in the irrigated areas that are wanting more crops to rotate in or dealing with pests. That research money would be so good. It has a great return on our investment."

Clark says the Farm Bill originally focused most of its attention on research ...

CLARK ... "The Farm Bill doesn't focus on that anymore. It focuses on SNAP, it focuses on a safety net which is much needed but can be reformed. And then, a little tiny portion goes to research and to trade, things that Washington state really needs."

On whether or not she thinks the Farm Bill will pass before the September deadline, she says it's a toss-up ...

CLARK ... "I've heard that it will most definitely just be extended in September, that we won't have a new one, and then I've also heard that, yeah we'll get it done."

Another vote is scheduled later this month. The deadline to pass a farm bill is September 30th.

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