Sustainable Agriculture in Action

Sustainable Agriculture in Action

Rick Worthington
Rick Worthington
More than two dozen growers and producers from a number of states will be pulling back the curtain this summer to give the public a behind the scenes look at sustainable agriculture in action.

The 2018 Sustainable Farm Tour and Workshop Series is open to anyone interested in farming or gardening.

Communications coordinator with the Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association Lauren Ketchum said the series showcases how sustainably produced food is grown.

"For other farmers and gardeners that attend these tours, it's so valuable because they are able to get that production know-how from each other, build connections within our farming community and strengthen our food system," Ketchum said.

Several tours and topics of discussion will be available, including organic growing, weed control, native medicinal plant foresting, as well as poultry, beef and fish production. Additionally, they are offering five urban agriculture-focused tours for the series that Ketchum said will highlight farming in the city.

While the tours are educational in nature, she noted there are fun experiences for young and old alike.

"The whole family can see chickens and cows and pigs out on pasture," she said; "which is a really nice experience, particularly for young kids who may not have been sort of up close and personal with livestock before."

Ketchum said there also are unique opportunities for aspiring and early-career farmers.

"The series also features five different workshops on a variety of topics that can help people develop their production and marketing skills, explore a dream to farm and learn how to select farm land," she said.

The series runs from June through November.

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