Millennium Bulk Terminal Support Pt 2

Millennium Bulk Terminal Support Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I'm Bob Larson. Six states throw their weight behind the Millennium Bulk Terminal's hope to expand a port in Longview to ship coal and many other commodities across the Pacific.

Washington Farm Bureau CEO John Stuhlmiller says the amicus brief demonstrates the importance of exporting goods for everyone ...

STUHLMILLER ... "Absolutely! You know, when we had the port slowdown, those inland states really didn't appreciate what happens on the west coast or Washington ports in particular. When we had that slowdown, they couldn't get products out from way back in the middle of the country.

Then they realized, oh, there is a pinch-point and that pinch-point is those ports, those handful of states with ocean connections."

Stuhlmiller says it's not just about Washington ...

STUHLMILLER ... "So, that's a good thing for us to have that extra interest on it and it brings that urgency, and of course, builds the case that it is interstate commerce, it's not just a decision related to Washington. It's the whole country or at least a major portion of the country that's involved, that has impacts based on those decisions."

He says more options means fewer delays ...

STUHLMILLER ... "As I've referred to it often, it's just more spigots to the Pacific Rim and beyond and our trading partners. And the more ways you have to get there, the better. It relieves congestion in the system."

Stuhlmiller says the outside support should help ...

STUHLMILLER ... "So, it is really kind of a shot in the arm for Millennium to know that others still are watching this and still are wanting to see it go forward. So, that's the good part. So, kind of the moral support if you will as the effort continues."

Utah-based Lighthouse Resources, the company behind the $680-million Millennium Bulk Terminal project, has accused the governor and state regulators of using coal to discriminate against the project.

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