News Federal  Funds Possible for Colorado's 14ers

News Federal Funds Possible for Colorado's 14ers

Maura Bennett
Maura Bennett

Colorado's Fourteeners - the state's 54 14,000–foot peaks have made the short list for attention by the Forest Service.

The designation is a result of the National Trails Stewardship Act which required the listing of 15 high priority areas to address a 300 million dollar backlog of trail maintenance across the US.

Lloyd Athearn is the Executive Director of the Colorado Fourteener Initiative. CFI works to build and maintain sustainable trails on Colorado's highest peaks.

"Whether there is additional money coming through the Forest Service for this effort is presently uncertain, at least to me."

Athearn says the 14rs have some of the most unique,rare, and fragile alpine vegetation in the country. He says they are also "approachable Everests" that attract close to 300 thousand people climb each year. That's takes a toll on trails and vegetation.

The National Forest Foundation has begun a campaign to raise 5 million dollars to help work by the Initiative and other volunteer based groups. More on that in our next report.

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