World Pear Day Pt 1

World Pear Day Pt 1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
With today's Fruit Grower Report, I'm Bob Larson. If you love our Northwest pears, you probably love this time of year with the holidays underway and December fast approaching.

In the wake of pear harvest, December is a great time for enjoying pears ...

KATHY STEPHENSON ... "It's absolutely a big month for pears. And, the reason we celebrate so much is because all those pears are readily available during the month of December. So, it's sort of our peak month. The holidays are a terrific place to share a pear and we try to add as much fun into that month as possible."

Pear Bureau Northwest's Kathy Stephenson says this year marks the second world celebration ...

KATHY STEPHENSON ... "World Pear Day came about as a way for us to try to involve our marketing representatives that are across the world. So, last year, our first year, was sort of a test in the water and we started out by sampling pears in New Zealand and then, on the hour, just moving across the world over the course of 24 hours."

Stephenson says since they follow the celebration around the world, it makes looking back at the events of the day very easy ...

KATHY STEPHENSON ... "And, our recap of it was just awesome! We were able to see all these countries and folks enjoying a pear grown in Washington and Oregon and celebrate "pearing" up together. It was a wonderful way for us to engage all of our representatives across the country."

Tune in tomorrow when we learn more about World Pear Day and Pear Month that begins Friday.

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