Lock N Lube Grease Gun Coupler

Lock N Lube Grease Gun Coupler

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
With today's Fruit Grower Report, I'm Bob Larson. If you haven't grown up working on farm equipment, the term "Grease" probably has different meaning for you ...

GREASE = 7 ... "Grease is the word .... "

But if you spend a lot of time wielding a grease gun, I recently discovered a nifty little device you might be interested in at the National Association of Farm Broadcasters convention in Kansas City ...

JAY BOREN ... "Well, the Lock N Lube grease coupler is an attachment that's going to work with any grease gun with any grease fitting. You simply remove your old grease coupler, and screw this one on to the end of your grease hose and you're ready to go. What's unique about it is that, unlike your traditional coupler, this is going to lock on to every Zirk fitting, whether it's standard or metric, it's not going to leak, and it's not going to pop off. So, that means you have both your hands free to operate the grease gun and you have the confidence the grease is actually going in your machine not on it."

Lock N Lube president Jay Boren says maneuverability is the key ...

JAY BOREN ... "Absolutely, yeah, so unlike your traditional coupler, ours has a thumb lever which moves a sliding sleeve backwards that exposes the jaws so that they can grab on to the top of that Zirk fitting. You let go of the thumb lever and that sliding sleeve locks it in place.

It's rated over 10-thousand PSI so any grease gun in the world, this is going to keep up with it."

If you're interested in putting the grease where you want it ...

JAY BOREN ... "Look at Lock N Lube dot com, which is L-O-C-K-N-L-U-B-E, and we also have a list of all of our dealers.

Just type in your zip code, and find a Lock N Lube dealer near you.

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