College Scholarships from Apple Industry Pt 2

College Scholarships from Apple Industry Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
With today's Fruit Grower Report, I'm Bob Larson. Stemilt Growers and the Washington Apple Education Foundation have teamed up once again to help make college a reality for prospective students.

Stemilt's Brianna Shales says they work with WAEF's larger program to give financial assistance for six Wenatchee-area students ...

BRIANNA SHALES ... "So, ours start at $4,000 and go on up and the biggest scholarship that we offer is $20,000 scholarship that is that is in honor of our founder Tom Mathison. So, it's the Thomas K. Mathison Memorial Scholarship."

Shales says there are two Mathison Scholarship winners this year, Stemilt employee Marcos Quiroz who plans to study tree fruit management, and Martimeano Villa, a Toppenish High grad ...

BRIANNA SHALES ... "That is given to a student who is not necessarily academically great, but that they have a lot of perseverance because that's exactly who Tom was. He was not the best student, but he really came out of hard times and just worked really hard and was very determined."

Shales says the scholarship fund has many supporters from across the industry ...

BRIANNA SHALES ... "We have a golf tournament annually that the industry is involved in that basically renews funds for that scholarship every year. And this year it raised $51,800 which goes back into that scholarship fund for WAEF."

The other Stemilt recipients this year are Amaris Casarez, Edgar Apolinar, Daisy Montejano, Jasmin Guerrero, Sami Everhart, and Jose Torres Arellano.

Stemilt president, West Mathison says they're thrilled to work with the WAEF program to help give many students an opportunity that may not have been there before.

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