WSU Weak Calf Syndrome Study

WSU Weak Calf Syndrome Study

Susan Allen
Susan Allen
Weak Calf Syndrome

With today's Land and livestock Report, I’m Susan Allen. Are you a cow/calf producer, if so Jamie Clark from WSU is asking for your help on a project she is working on working on a project she is working on regarding Weak Calf Syndrome. Here is Jamie to explain:

CLARK: I’m a third-year veterinary student at WSU and I am working with Dr. Criag McConnel, Dr. Dale Moore, and Dr. John Wenz on a project looking at Weak Calf Syndrome. So what we are doing is surveying Beef cow/ calf producers in Washington, Idaho, Oregon and Montana that have and have not experienced Weak Calf Syndrome to be able to compare them and come up with some risk factors and some prevention strategies for the future.

The deadline for the first part of the survey is August 11 and it’s pretty painless, it’s just a few simple questions.


CLARK: The phase one survey is available at

Describe Weak Calf Syndrome.

CLARK: Weak Calf Syndrome is characterized by calves that are born weak or unable to stand or calves, that seem totally normal but then collapse and die within hours of birth. We are including calves in this survey that seem weak and die less than two weeks of age, or require significant nursing care to keep alive.

Help Jamie and her team of veterinarians work to save calves by taking part in the survey. Go to, Land and Livestock Report for a link.


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