Hirst & Capital Budget Pt 2

Hirst & Capital Budget Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I'm Bob Larson. Are lawmakers any closer to agreeing on a capital budget? Will a fix to the state Supreme Court's Hirst decision be included? Those are just two of the questions at play as Representatives and Senators continue negotiations.

Senate Majority Leader Mark Schoesler remains hopeful that an agreement can be reached on a total Hirst fix ...

MARK SCHOESLER ... "We know that the water bills are usually linked to a Capital Budget. So, there's a direct linkage and there is a need to finish water before we leave Olympia."

But, Schoesler thinks it would be easier if the governor took some interest in the problem ...

MARK SCHOESLER ... "The governor forgot that we had a water problem since January and just now realized we had thousands of potential homeowners without water and water has to be fixed."

Schoesler says the House needs to stop delaying and do their part ...

MARK SCHOESLER ... "We have to have a reasonably priced alternative. The Senate has four times passed bipartisan bills to the House to act on a Hirst solution. The governor never knew there was a problem until June and the House has yet to once vote on any type of a fix. So, until you acknowledge that we have a real problem with water in all 39 counties, you simply can't finish a budget."

The capital budget pays for state construction projects and is separate from the operating budget which lawmakers spent two full special overtime sessions on before coming to terms.

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