More Grilling Tips

More Grilling Tips

Today we continue our conversation with with Sean Olson, Customer Service Coordinator with AgriBeef and he is sharing some more grilling tips. He begins with the importance of your meat being at room temperature prior to grilling.

Olson: "It's always a good idea — just right before you are ready to grill — to bring that meat up to room temperature. When it starts at room temperature and its been warmed up a bit just before you grilling. It is going to cook the meat a little bit more evenly and it is going to make all of it taste the roughly the same and even better than if you have one portion cooked differently than another."

He continues with the correct internal temperatures for your beef eating preference

Olson: "You always want to be very careful when ever you are cooking meat to make sure that anything that is under 140 degrees the USDA tells people, rightly, to be very careful about because it can cause issue. With that said, these is what the steakhouses are working with. Anything at 140 degrees or more is pretty much a well done steak. If you are looking for medium rare — you are going to want to be at around 120 to 125 degrees and that is the temperature of the steak in its most the thick part. Then add 10 degrees from anything up — so medium is going to be 130 to 135 degrees and medium well is going to be 140 to 145 and if you have to have a well done steak then it would be 150 degrees higher."

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