Advice for Youth Livestock Showmen

Advice for Youth Livestock Showmen

As the summer livestock show season continues, it doesn't hurt to consider what fair participants might would do if animal rightists would ever show up and demonstrate at your county fair.

Animal Agriculture Alliance Director of Communications Hannah Thompson-

Weeman has gives some advice for those participating in county fairs

Thompson: "Well the first advice is — I know it can be hard to do — but you have to keep your cool. It can be very emotional. It can feel very insulting when there is a group there that is telling you that you are not taking care of your animals and that you are the bad guy but you have to keep you cool. You have to treat everyone with respect — even if they do have differing opinions. Really the most important thing is ignoring those people who are there to disrupt your experience. You have to be able to really sort through who may be a concerned consumer with a questions that you should talk to and who you just need to ignore. Do your best. Go to an adult — get someone else involved. Activate that plan that should be in place of how to handle it. Really remember that at all times you are representing not only yourself and your family but your club and ultimately your industry. So always maintain that dignified and respectful response — even when you are not getting it from the the other side."

Good advice for all of us to remember — kindness and respect can go a long way.

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