Skagit Family Farmers Pt 2

Skagit Family Farmers Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I'm Bob Larson. Farmers in the Skagit Valley are scrambling to try and prevent an amendment from being changed that would give the Swinomish Tribe even more say over how water and land are used on private property outside tribal lands.

But, Skagit Family Farmers director, Jason Vanderkooy says this dispute is with one neighbor only ...

JASON VANDERKOOY ... "We have three other tribes in this valley that we get along great with. So, it's important that this isn't a farmer versus Indian deal. It's just this one tribe wants to make it very difficult for us. We have a great relationship with the other three tribes."

Vanderkooyt says the amendment is moving through the system ...

JASON VANDERKOOY ... "The Bureau of Indian Affairs approved the language of the new amendment. The tribe voted and passed. Now, the Secretary, Zinke, has 45 days to sign off on it. So, now it's all up to him and he relies on his staff to give him direction on what to do. So, that's where we come in to make sure our side is told because we know our local representatives here are not responding to our requests."

So, Vanderkooy says ... tic-toc!

JASON VANDERKOOY ... "It's about the first week of July, we have to get this done by. There's a 45-day time period after the amendment was approved by the tribe through a vote. The clock is ticking."

Vanderkooy says go to Skagit Family Farmers dot org and learn how you can help to send a strong message to policy makers against this change.

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