Wildfire Education Bill Signed Into Law

Wildfire Education Bill Signed Into Law

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I'm Bob Larson. Governor Jay Inslee has signed a bill that will help local authorities with wildfire education, prevention and response, with a focus on preventing homelessness ...

JACQUELIN MAYCUMBER ... "Wildfires have left hundreds of families homeless in our rural communities and we've been devastated in last few years."

Pomeroy Representative Jacquelin Maycumber says her bill gives DNR direction subject to funding ...

JACQUELIN MAYCUMBER ... "The funds were already available and what we have is catastrophic wildfires that cause homelessness in these counties and local areas. Washington state is historically an education prevention legislator. We like to prevent disasters before they occur. This just gives counties discretion on using these funds to prevent these hundreds of families, which we've had recently in the local wildfires, from becoming homeless. So it's a education and prevention bill."

Maycumber says given the devastation these past few years, it brings some hope for folks looking forward...

JACQUELIN MAYCUMBER ... "As we look in the future to stop some of these horrific wildfires, it allows the counties to speak to homeowners and prevent what, in the last few years, have been 1.3-million acres of wildfires and to allow these people to not become homeless in the first place."

Maycumber says while the 2017-19 operating budget still needs to be passed in the ongoing special session, Maycumber believes it will include funding for her bill.

She says the goal is to get the appropriate resources to the appropriate communities at the appropriate times.

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