Hemp Planting and Rules Pt 1

Hemp Planting and Rules Pt 1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I'm Bob Larson. The state's first-ever planting of Industrial grade hemp is set for an all-day event in Moses Lake Wednesday, but it didn't happen before the state Department of Agriculture finalized rules for growing it in Washington.

WSDA hemp coordinator Emily Febles says the rules, finalized last month, give the program guidance ...

EMILY FEBLES ... "These rules are to finalize the structure for industrial hemp planting and processing in the state of Washington. Our program is set up to be federally compliant. So, we're working under guidelines to set up the program both federally and by what the legislature, the state legislature, passed last year."

Febles says the licensing program, in part, was set up to keep farmers who want to test the hemp within federal laws ...

EMILY FEBLES ... "Actually, our industrial hemp program is all set up to be research based. So, while you can definitely make a profit and explore the commercial viability of industrial hemp within the state, it's still under a research umbrella to sort of understand better how industrial hemp agriculture might work within the state of Washington."

Febles says license applications are now available ...

EMILY FEBLES ... "you'll need to apply to the department so the applications will be available online. You can apply for a grower's license, a processor license, or a combination license to do both growing and processing. Licenses are good for one year."

Interested? You can email Febles at hemp@agr.wa.gov

More on the first-ever planting tomorrow.

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