H-2A Guest Worker Travel Soars Pt 1

H-2A Guest Worker Travel Soars Pt 1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
With today's Fruit Grower Report, I'm Bob Larson. Trips to Washington state for Mexican guest workers are more comfortable and faster after WAFLA began flying them to their final destination.

WAFLA Director Dan Fazio says flying is not entirely new for small groups, but it's proving to be affordable and very popular with the workers who prefer it over the long bus rides in years past ...

DAN FAZIO ... "Outstanding! Costs are comparable and the workers love it. It's a little bit harder on our end because we end up with a combination of flying and busing, depending on how you can arrange the best costs."

Fazio says it takes some logistical planning as they work out little bugs in the system ...

DAN FAZIO ... "So, for example, we'll fly the workers to Tijuana, then bus the workers from Tijuana to San Diego, then fly the workers from San Diego to Pasco, and then bus the workers from Pasco to the farm. So, that's kind of a typical arrangement, two flight segments and two bus segments."

Fazio says from a cost perspective, it's something employers can live with ...

DAN FAZIO ... "So, costs are really comparable, maybe a little bit more, but not much. And, of course you save a couple of days and the workers absolutely love it."

Fazio says air travel is safer and gets the workforce here faster, and makes the legal worker program better for employers in the Pacific Northwest!

Listen tomorrow for more on WAFLA's air travel for guest workers.

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